Smile Festival Catering ltd
Smile Festival Catering ltd

 The Concept 

A great Festival is something to look back on for a long time. As a festival caterer we do more than just provide you with a variety of high-quality meals to suit your requirements.  Be it a major festival or a specialist event at a smaller venue, we always serve with a care and an attentive manner. Our experienced team will work out a culinary programme to accompany your event and the very best ideas to give the festival goer great food and service to enhance their experience.


To know what to sell at each festival to suit the target audience: If be a fast and frantic rock festival where the punter wants their food proto.The folk festival where the clientele want a more laid back service with a heartier, healthier meal or the pop festival where the younger crowd want food on the go. Our aim is to treat each event with an individuality to suit.

The Enviroment

We always like to use a recommended local food supplier and try to use, where possible, biodegradable material and recycle as many waste product as possible as an ongoing plan to improve our carbon footprint.

We work with a specialist waste to energy company, who collect waste oil on our behalf and produce a high grade bio oil. All the oil is recycled at their production facility and is used within the uk to reduce carbon emissions.